Leia os textos a seguir e responda as questões:
I usually get up at 7 and have breakfast. I like fish and rice for breakfast. I usually go to school at 8. At 4 o'click pm I go to another school for english lessons. Me and my parents have dinner 7 o'clock pm and later I do my homework. Then, I like to watch tv or to talk to my friends on saturday morning ans usually see my friends after lunch. I ofter go to bed at 11 o'clock pm.

I often get up at 6 am to help my parents. We have a big shup ranch. I like eggs for breakfast. I don't go to school.
I read books and listen to the radio. I use my computer, too. I talk to my friends on the internet and on the telephone. We have dinner at 6 o'clock pm and I don't watch tv; We don't have a tv!
I usually see my friends on weekends (saturdays and sundays). We like to play American soccer. After dinner I read or play the guitar. Then, 10 o'clock I go to bed.

1) Who does get up at 6 am ?
2) Who does like eggs ?
3) What Sport does somebody like ?
4) What time do they go to bed ?
5) Who doesn't have a tv ?
6) Do they use the computer ?
7) Who does listen to the radio ?

É pra responder em inglês ou português?
Inglês e resposta completa/ se responder vo ti amar ja kkkk tem alguns erros por causa do corretor ortográfico.


A melhor resposta!
1 - Robert gets up at 6 pm
2 - Robert likes eggs
3 - Somebody likes to play American soccer
4 - Hiroshi goes to the bed at 11 o'clock pm
     Robert goes to the bed at 10 o'clock pm
5 - Robert doesn't have a TV
6 - Just Robert uses the computer
7 - Robert listens to the radio
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