I worked last night.
I didn't go to school yesterday. 
Is she played tennis on sunday ?
I went to visit my grandmother last weekend.
She was listening to music.
What was she doing?
He didn't bought a new car.
What time did you slept yesterday?
I dated with Mary, but now we're just friends.
I went to the party.

1 - I went to the mall with them last night.
2 - She traveled to Russia with her parents.
3 - He asked her about the tickets.
4 - I ate a slice of apple pie.
5 - She made us a surprise.
6 - We bought you a gift!
7 - I read the book you were telling me about.
8 - We watched the movie together.
9 - I wrote her a letter.
10 - They were looking for you.


1 - Were you at the beach yesterday?
2 - Did he see the principal?
3 - Did you finish your homework?
4 - Did she buy a new car?
5 - Did we do anything wrong?
6 - Did you tell her the truth?
7 - Did she watch the game?
8 - Did he play soccer on the team?
9 - Did your grandparents visit you this weekend?
10 - Did the firemen arrive there on time?


1 - They didn't tell her about the surprise.
2 - The principal didn't see you going home.
3 - The teacher didn't read your essay.
4 - I didn't call you yesterday.
5 - The baby didn't cry tonight.
6 - The actor didn't like the interview.
7 - The doctor didn't give her good news.
8 - The writer didn't sign my book.
9 - Some people believe Michael Jackson didn't die.
10 - The children didn't make their bed.