Preencha os espaços com o presente simples na conjugação certa. as possibilidades são: TALK - LEAVE(2 vezes) - GO OUT - TAKE - WRITE - BRUSH - WAIT - CHECK - GO - HAVE - WALK - WATCH - DISCUSS - WAKE UP

Jessica___________every morning at 6:30. She _______________a shower and___________________her teeth, and then_________________to the kitchen to make her breakfast.She usually_______________just a cup of tea and some toasted bread. She______________________home at about 7:40,_____________________to the bus stop and______________for her bus to arrive.

When she______________gets to work, she her e-mails on the computer, and then she usually goes to a meeting with other employees. During the meeting, they all___________________what they have to do that day. Jessica_______________lost of reports for her boss, and she also__________________to clients to try and solve their problems.

At6, Jessica____________________________the office and takes another bus to go home. She___________________ a little TV every night, and sometimes she also______________________with friend to have drinks somewhere.



Wakes up - Takes - brushes - goes - has - leaves - walks - waits 
cheks- discuss - writes - talks 
leaves - watches - goes out