Complete the text using the simple present tense.
Kristin___________(wake up) everyday at 7. She ________(brush) her teeth and then______(take) a shower. Then she _______(meet) with her friend Jennifer and together they ________(have) breakefast at a little dinner near the office. They _________(get) to the office at around 8:30. Kristin ________(go) to the first floor, where she ________(work), and Jennifer __________(take) the elevator to the 11th floor, where her office (be)._________________Later, they ___________(meet) again at 12 to have lunch.

wakes up ,brushes, takes, get, goes, works, takes, be meet


Respondendo respectivamente nesta ordem:
Wakes up, brushes, takes, meets, have, get, goes, works, takes, is, meet.