Fill in the with missing words.
fred: hi,my fred.
what name?
beth:my beth.
fred: .
beth: , too

2) donald: good morning,richard, are you?
richard: i`m , thanks And you?
donald: fine, thanks.richard, is my friend, Arthur.
arthur: to meet you. Richard.
richard: .

3) mr.cassell: .
how today?
mr.leech: good morning. I`m .
you. And you?

4) katie: hey, Paul! up?
Paul: .

5) chis: ,mom. see you .
julia: . Take .



1) Fred: Hi, my name's Fred. What are your name?
Beth: My name is Beth.
Fred: Nice to meet you
Beth: Nice to meet you, too.

2) Donald: Good Morning Richard, how are you?
Richard: I'm fine, thanks. And you?
Don: Fine, thanks. Ronald, this is my friend, Arthur.
Arthur: Nice to meet you Richard.
Richard: Nice to meet you too.

3) Mr. C: Mr.Leech, how are you today?
Mr.L: I'm Fine, thank you. And you?
4) K: Hey, Paul! What's up?
P: I'm going to the mall.

5) C: Goodbye, mom. See you later.
J: Goodbye. Take care!
muito obrigada! vc me ajudou bastante!
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