Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence.

1)This isn't my jacket.
This jacket____isn´t mine.____
2)The girl is standingin front of the man.
The man____________________
3)What's Steve's job?
What does________________
4What clothes do you like wearing most?
What are_____________________
5)The restaurant is more expensive than the coffe shop.
The coffe shop_________________________________________________
6)The travel agency is over the flower shop.
The flower shop_________________________________________________
7)Alex is very good at dancing.
Alex isn't___________________________________________
8)I hate feeling cold.
I can't_________________________________________________



A melhor resposta!
Há várias possíveis respostas corretas, mas vamos lá:

2. is behind the girl.
3. Steve do?
4. your favorite clothes?
5. is cheaper than the restaurant.
6. is before the travel agency.
7. bad at dancing
8. feel cold.
2 5 2