- Hi, there. We're talking from Cambridge university. We'd like to talk with Lara. Is she there
- Ok, i'll call her - Lara!
- Hello
- Hello, Lara. It's from Cambridge university. We're calling to inform that your acceptance letter was accepted!

- Hi, Ben. How are you doin'?
- Oh, Mike, i'm fine, thanks. What's up?
- Man, i was thinking about something, what about to muster all the guys of our engineering class to a dinner?
- Oh, what a great idea! I'd totally like it. Let's do it!

- Good morning, teacher. I'm here because i still have problems with my marks in your subject. 
-Oh, Jim. I thought i was solved. Show me your test.
- There is it, i got a 9, and you've put a 4. 
- Oh, sorry. I will fix it. 
- No problem. Thanks, teacher.