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Girl - Fred, at what time is your birthday party going to happen? 
Boy - Well, Mary, it's going to happen at 3 o'clock. My mother is going to buy somethings for the party. 
Girl - And when are you going to get ready? 
Boy - Ten minutes from now I'm going to ready for the party. 
Girl - Ok, so what are you going to do before that? 
Boy - I'm going to choose what kind of clothes I'm going to wear. 
Girl - My parents are going to call me when they I have to go to get ready. 
Boy - But the time is going to run out and you're going to fall behind. 
Girl - Right, I'm not going to wait for my parents. I'm going home now to get ready. See you later. 
Boy - Bye. 

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Situação : uso de celular em sala de aula.]
Mrs. Simon: Ben,I told you not to bring your cell phone to class,didn´t? you remenber the rules,don´t you?
Ben : you said I shouln´t bring the cell phone ,but I thought... that was just suggention. 
DIirector: You cannot bring cell phones to class! you dont have my permission. Cell phone are prohibeted in class . You must not bring them 
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