1 º Siga o Modelo
a) He - to catch fish
He is going to catch fish
Now he is feshing
b) She - to eat an apple
c) They - to buy vegetables.
d) I - read a book.

2 º Siga o moedelo
a) What is she doing ? (drinking milk )
She is drinking milk

b) What is he doing (drinking beer)
c) What are they doing ( Helping Mary)
d) What is she doing (writing a latter)
3 º Observe o modelo e continue.
a) Iam going to catch fish. And you ? (to play football)
I am going to play football.
B) Iam going to read a book. Ando you ? ( To read a magazine)
C) We are going to play tennis. And they? ( to play football)
D) He is going to eat an apple. And she (to eat a sandwich)

Pessoal ajudem por favor :D



2-a)she's drinking milk
b)he's drinking beer
c)they are helping mary
d)she's writing a latter
3-a)im going to play football
b)im going to read a magazine
c)they are going to play football
d)she's going to eat a sandwich
Pedronetto77 vc respondeu somente a primeira 1- a ? como assim não entendie?? e para seguir o modelo não para marcar .