Olá, bom dia.

Quero passar essas frases para a formas negativa e interrogativa.
Fico grata, pela ajuda.

She is a doctor.
You are a teacher.
He can sing very well.
We must cleam the room.
Joe and Hanna may go.
I can swim.
The monkeys are hungry.
The river is dry.
You must hurry.
She may arrive on time.



A melhor resposta!
This one is easy. Here it goes:

She is NOT a doctor.
You are NOT a teacher.
He can NOT sing very well.
We must NOT clean the room.
Joe and Hanna may NOT go.
I can NOT swim.
The monkeys are NOT hungry.
The river is NOT dry.
You must NOT hurry.
She may NOT arrive on time.


IS she a doctor?
ARE you a teacher?
CAN he sing very well?
MUST we clean the room?
MAY Joe and Hanna go?
CAN I swim?
ARE the monkeys hungry?
IS the river dry?
MUST you hurry?
MAY she arrive on time?

Not too difficult, right? ;)
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Thank you, it really is not that hard. rsrs ... Vlw
She isn't a doctor - Is she a doctor?
You aren't a teacher - Are you a teacher?
He can't sing very well - Can he sing very well?
We must not cleaN the room - Must we clean the room?
Joe and Hanna may not go - May Joe and Hanna go?
I can't swim - Can I swim?
The monkeys aren't hungry - Are the monkeys hungry?
The river isn't dry - Is the river dry?
You must not hurry - Must you hurry?
She may not arrive on time - May she arrive on time?