Complete com a forma correta verbo to be no passado simples was were
1 the boy here yesterday sujeito the boy he
2 you here yesterday
3 we here last sartudday?
4where you last saturday?
5 we here forma negativa
6 i a good student
7 mary a good student? sujeito mary she
8 my dog a bad friend. forma negativa sujeito my dog it
9 my dogs good friends sujeito my dogs they
10 they at school.
dear julius
the an ,as birthday last
saturday why you not? the party very cool.ana beautiful wearing a pink dress.the cake very delicioius ,well,every thing great,just missed you!



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1. the boy was here yesterday
2. you were here yesterday
3. were we here last Saturday?
4. where were you last night?
5. we weren't here 
6. i was a good student
7. was Mary a good student?
8. my dog wasn't a bad friend
9. my dogs were good friends
10. they were at school