1- I can't do this exercise because i don't know math
2- you can't do this now!
3- They can't use cellphones in class
4- I can't go to Disney because i don't have money
5- they can't scream here
6- he can't continue the class because he didn't pay for it
1- can you start reading please?
2- Can you twerk
3- Can you do the homewok next time?
4- what time can you be here?
5- how this can be write?
6- can you play piano? 
10 4 10
oq é twerk? '-'
coloca dance no lugar
coloquei play

You can't swim
I can't dance
She can't draw
He can't paint
They can't sing
We can't speak English


I can speak French
You can fix computers
She can cook
He can run
They can play soccer
We can play basketball
5 3 5