me ajudem, por favor
Complete the sentences with my, his, her, its, our or their

a) Mary is doing--------- homework.
b) Do you live with--------parents?
c) We love ------------ new car.
d) He's in -------------- bedroom.
e) The childrem are with------------father.
f) I like-----------job.
g)Are you and your friend enjoying-------------English classes?
h) Venice is famous for ------- canals.
i) She's whith---------best friend.
j) They haven't got-----------books.
k) She's in----------office.
l) He's looking for---------friends.
m) Are the teachers having-------meeting now?
n) have you got------------umblella?



A melhor resposta!
A) her 
b) your
c) our
d) his
e) their
F) my
g) your
h) her (?)
i) her
J) their
k) her
l) his
m) their
n) your 
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