Negativa : 
I can't wait for my next birthday. 
They can't stop freaking out. 
They can't hash out because they don't have a point.
I can't manage to do that.
I can't drive.

Afirmativa :
You can go there now.
You can use my phone. 
I can speak french . 
I can steak around.
We can study math in group. 

Interrogativa :
Why can't you do your homework by yourself ? 
Can he travel alone ?
Can you cook the dinner for me ? 
Can I speak to you or are you too busy ?
Can you give me a hand ? 

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I can have all the lollipops that I want.
Can you help me in my homework please?
She can't say these things to a child.
We can play in the sand if you want.
They can't do that with people, that would be an injustice.

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