Mude para a forma afirmativa ( Change to the affirmative form)

a) Did we say the truth ?

b) My sister doesn't to go the beach.

c) You didn't have many friends.

d) Does she go to the park ?

e) The child didn't speak in the class.

f) Did they write letters ?

g) Do Mary lived in Pacatuba ?

Me Ajudem, Bjs !!



A melhor resposta!
A)We said the truth.    b)My sister go to the beach.   c)You have many friends.   d)She goes to the park.   e)The child spoke in the class.   f)They wrote letters.   g)Mary lived in Pacatuba... Espero ter ajudado :)
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A) We said the truth
B) My sister goes to the beach
C) You had many friends
D) She goes to the park
E) The child spoke in the class
F) They wrote letters
G) Mary lived in Pacatuba