Answer using "Short Answer" (Responda usando "Pequena Resposta")

Does Lucy go to the club on Saturdays?
Yes, _________________

Do we need to go to the doctor?
No, __________________

Do you like Japanese food?
Yes, _________________

Does the baby cry a lot?
No, __________________

Does he wake up late?
Yes, __________________

Do Bob and Mary like banana?
No, ___________________

Por favor me ajudem é urgente e pra agora!!

yes she does. # no, we don't. # yes, i do. # no it doesn't. # yes he does. # no they don't


Yes,she does

No,we don't

Yes,I do

No,he doesn't

Yes,he does

No,they don't
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Yes, she does.
No, we don't.
Yes, I do.
No, he/she doesn't.
Yes, he does.
No, they don't.