1. Leiam o texto a seguir.

Mary is a nice woman. She is a nurse and works in a big hospital. She works at night on weekends. Mary has two young children and they are very intelligent. Their names are "Jack" and "Julie". Jack is nine years old and Julie is eleven years old. Jack likes soccer and Julie loves movies. Jack wants to be a soccer player and Julie wants to be a movie star.

Mary likes to be with her children when she isn't working - they play board games together. Mary's family is very happy, especially when Jake, Mary's husband, is at home with them. Jake usually travels a lot and visits different places - he is a truck driver.

Board games: jogos de tabuleiro
2. Answer the questions - respondam as perguntas

a. What does Mary do?

b. Where does she work?

c. Is Mary married or single?

d. How many children does she have?



A - She is a nurse .
b- She works ina big hospital 
c- She is married with Jake 
d- She have 2 childrens , Julie and Jack .
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SHE IS A NURSE :ELA É UMA ENFERMEIRA                                                        SHE WORK IN A BIG HOSPITAL:ELA TRABALHA EM UM GRANDE HOSPITAL .                                                                                                          SHE IS MARRIED:ELA E´CASADA.                                                             ´ ~~      SHE HAVE TWO CHILDREN ;ELA TEM DUAS CRIANÇAS.
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