Were they bodering you?
Was he singing Christmas songs?
Were you playing "Call of Duty" ?
Was your dog barking to my cat?
Were people running away from my dog?
Was he listening to Rock music ?
Were Martha and Sandra studying in the library?
Was Paul kissing Maria?
Negativas:1-the boy is not happy
2-The girl did not your theme
3-The dog did not eat their ration
4-the bird could not fly
5 pencil it does not point
6-the house is not ventilated
7-cat does not like bathing
8 Today this not raining
9 a woman does not think her purse
10 - the turtle could not ride a hurry
Afirmativas: 1 
I was eating when you arrived home. 
2 That group of people was beating up a boy when I arrived in the party. 
3 Susan was dating with Bob until she discover tha he had another girlfriend . 
4 You were watching Tv when your mother left home yesterday. 
5 Mark and David were fighting at TV last week since 7 p.m. 
6 Your dog was pissing in your couch when you were watching the game. 
7 My mother was cooking our dinner when I called her. 
 8 My father was washing the dishes until before begins to rain. 
9 My brother was sleeping when my parents arrived from the play. 
10 I was playing with fire until I got burned . 

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Muito obrigado esse trabalho e pra amanha eu to no maior sufoco pra fazer.