Change these sentences to: a. interrogative form; b. negative form.
1. he went to new york last night.
b. _______
2. he knew all the lesson.
a. _______
b. _______
3. you decided to stay here.
a. _______
b. _______
4. he left home in 1996
a. _______
b. _______



A melhor resposta!
1 - He went to New York last night.
a) Did he go to New York last night?
b) He didn't go to New York last night.

2 - He knew all the lesson.
a) Did he know all the lesson?
b) He didn't know all the lesson.

3 - You decided to stay here.
a) Did you decide to stay here?
b) You didn't decide to stay here.

4 - He left home in 1996.
a) Did he leave home in 1996?
b) He didn't leave home in 1996.
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