Escreva em português e passe para o inglês.

A melhor forma de exigir rapidez é fazendo você mesmo. Aliás, é um compromisso seu. É fazendo que se aprende. De preferência, não deixando para a última hora.

Bom trabalho!


A melhor resposta!
The dog is fat.
Fat is the dog.
The fat dog is tall.
The tall one is the fat dog.
The dog is fatter than you.
The dog is big, that's why he's so fat.
The dog is fat and big, and he likes to spin around his own tail.
You are going to have a fat dog so feed him well.
Believe in the magic of the sky.
The sky is a magic cat.
The eyeballs are the proof of the imagination.
The imagination can go faster than your eyes.
You are what you're looking for.
Never believe anything that it is against the power of the human goodwill.
God is great because he is wise.
You think you're wise but God is Wiser.
In deutsch we say Gott is gut for God is good.
Believe in your dreams, otherwise they'll never come true.
Dogs like dogfood.
The flowers are the mystery of the evening.
Bring home only what is good to you.
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