1 - Complete the sentences with the simple future of the verbs in berackets.

a) the population ________ (increase) 50 % in the next ten years.

b) There is somebody at the door. I ______ (Open) it.

c) dont worry about the test. I _______ (Help) you study.

d) Mom ___________ ( not lend) me the $ 50 i need.

e) Who do you think ___________ (win) the next world cup ?

f) marco and julia ________ probably ____________ (arrive) at midnight.

g) the govermment ___________ (not make) a final decision this week.

2 - complete the sentences with the verb:
will pass /wont talk/ wont go/ will be/ will help

a) you can phone me this afternoom. I _______ at home.

b) john has a lot of homework to do. He ____________ to the movies with us.

c) if you study hard, you ____________ the exam.

d) ''I have to do so many things to organize sues party'' ''Dont worry! I ___________ you.

e) Brian is so rude. I _____________ to him again- ever.



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1- a) will increase b)will open c)will help d)won't lend e)will win f)will/arrive g)won't make 2 - a) will be b) won't go c) will pass d) will help e) won't talk
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A) will increase.
b) I will open.
c) I will help.
d) will not lend.
e) will win.
f) will arrive.
g) will not make.

 a) I wil be.
b) won't go.
c) you will pass.
d) I wiil help you.
e) I won't talk to him again.
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